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Fertdawgs Program

Our Award winning Fertdawgs program is a 6 Step + Grub process that gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to be thick, green and weed free!

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4 Step Perimiter Pest Control

Our 4 step pest control is sprayed around your home to create a barrier for ants, spiders, ticks, cockroaches & MORE!



Thicken your turf!  Overseed is a great way to thicken your overall turf as well as growing new seed on bare spots.  

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HELP YOUR LAWN BREATHE!  Plug type aeration with create thousands of plugs in your turf to help reduce compaction and allow more oxygen and water intake.  

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Blanket Spray

If your lawn is taken over by weeds you may need a blanket spray.  A blanket spray covers your entire lawn using a motorized spray tank.  

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Spot spraying

If you have some weeds in your lawn, spot spraying is a great way to target and kill weeds.  Spot Spraying boradleaf is free with your program.  If it is a specialty weed or you are not apart of our program, spot spraying can still be requested for a small charge

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Are you seeing brown spots creeping in your lawn?  You may have a fungus.  Our specialist will first diagnose and confirm your fungus issue.  From there we will apply quickly to kill and stop the fungus from continuous spread.


Lawn Analysis 

Fertdawgs offers even more to help with your lawn care needs!  We can examine your issues and recommend a variety of additional products like miloranite, gypsum, merit and more!

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