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When you hire Fertdawgs, you are hiring a local, family owned company based right here in Omaha,NE.  Every one of our applicators is extensively trained and licensed in ornamental turf to recognize and remedy any issue that may arise.  Its this knowledge that allows your applicator to make adjustments and recommendations to ensure that you have thick, healthy, weed-free lawn that you can be proud of.

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Fertdawgs Program

 Our Fertdawgs Program consist of 6 applications + Grub Control.  Our high quality  fertilizer applications are granular.  We also use a liquid herbicide to spot spray weeds as needed.  Spot Spray is FREE of charge with our program.  Even in between apps!

4 Step Perimeter Pest Control

 Our 4 Step Perimeter Pest control program is a liquid application that is sprayed on the outside perimeter of your home and surrounding areas.  The applications will create a barrier that will block insects such as spiders, ants, crickets & so much more from entering your home!

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Aeration & Overseed

 Help your lawn breathe!  Aeration is a great way to reduce soil compaction by removing thousands of plugs from your yard.  In result this will reduce overall compaction and will allow more oxygen and water into your soil.  After aeration, we recommend overseeding.  This will thicken up your current turf as well as filling in bare areas.

Blanket Spray

 Is your lawn taken over by weeds?  A blanket spray application will take care of all existing weeds.  This is a great first step to making your lawn great!  

Lawn Strip

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